Shawn Ha’s First Blog Post

So far I have been trying to set up the basics for the blog. This is my first time setting up anything like this besides Facebook. Even though I watched Youtube clips that Dr. Allison provided us, I’m still quite not sure about what to do in order to make this blog page look better. I’m going to enhance the quality of the page as classes go on, I suppose. I want this page to be showing my progress throughout the Summer session about the topics I learn in class, so that I will be able to read out this blog from the beginning to the end at one point in the future and be able to remember what I learned at a certain time when a post was uploaded.

I chose this particular theme mainly because it looks very neat. I aim to design my personal page as neatly as possible, because I believe disorganized writings online does not attract any readers. I’m trying to make my page to resemble some of the successful pages, such as the New York Times and a Korean portal site called By the end of the semester, I would like to simplify my website so that everything can be seen at a glance. However, I am not familiar with WordPress yet; I am planning to spend some time to develop mastery. I would love to accept any suggestions to simplify my page and/or any inputs from others!


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